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Environmental Photography

Many of us live immersed in a concrete world dominated by our own introspective and media-induced values. These often include obsession with scandal, gossip and celebrity culture. We easily forget that beyond the pavements lies a wider set of sustainable values, more in harmony with the earth, where nature plays the dominant role. By using photography to reveal the wider world, we come to appreciate our place on the planet and the need to respect, protect and preserve the environment.

Photography of the natural world  has an important role to play in raising our awareness. By depicting and attempting to understand ‘the other’, we acquire a clearer, objective view of ourselves. When we encounter remote areas, we gain a greater sense of our own place on the planet.

There is an instantaneous, directness about photographs that I find so inspiring. They can reach out and connect with people in a moment.  Most of us have some sense of awareness of the environmental problems challenging the world today, and photography is a great catylist,encouraging people to act in an environmentally responsible way.