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Steve Bloom talks at the Royal Geographic Society – September and October

Wodaabe man, Gerewol Festival, Niger

Wodaabe man, Gerewol Festival, Niger


Steve Bloom will be presenting vibrant lectures at the Royal Geographic Society in Kensington, London. The events, held in conjunction with the Travel Photographer of the Year, form part of a series of photography and travel workshops. Steve will be signing books after both events at Stanfords bookshop at the venue.

Travelling Wild – 25 September 11-12
Steve Bloom recounts his ten year journey photographing the world’s endangered wildlife. How do you get close to a grizzly bear? How should you behave in the presence of a gorilla? What do you do when being charged by a rhinoceros? He tells the stories behind the creation of his books In Praise of Primates, Untamed, Spirit of the Wild and Elephant! His giant outdoor exhibitions, seen by an estimated ten million people, play an important role in raising awareness of environmental issues.

A Cultural journey through Africa – 16 October 1130-1230

 Steve Bloom discusses the challenges he faced during fourteen years documenting this diverse continent for his books Living Africa and Trading Places: The Merchants of Nairobi. He takes the audience on an extensive tour, which includes encounters with the women of the Surma and Mursi tribes who wear giant lip plates, the fascinating male beauty contest of the Wodaabe in the Sahara Desert, the gold miners toiling 3km underground near Johannesburg and the shopkeepers in the poorer areas of Nairobi.

Other speakers at this exciting series of events include:

•Julian Paren – photographer & former member of Britsh Antarctic Survey
•Hugh Thomson – explorer & writer
•Chris Coe – photographer & founder of Travel Photographer of the Year
•Amanda Marks – founder of Tribes Travel, award winning Fair Trade travel company
•Jason Hawkes – aerial photographer, with books including ‘Britain From The Air’
•Nick Meers – panoramic photographer & author
•Nick Livesey – photographer & film maker
•Craig Churchill – nature photographer
•Martin Hartley – adventure & expedition photographer
•Sue Flood – photographer & producer, BBC Blue Planet

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Forthcoming talks by Steve in 2011 include Chichester Festivities, the Edinburgh Book Festival, Kent Creative Arts and Waterstones Canterbury.

Discover more about Steve Bloom’s speaking events and read testimonials.

After the Fire – a New Website for Philip Plisson


Philip Plisson, along with his son Guillaume, are wonderful photographers of the ocean. They had a devastating fire late last year which destroyed their offices and gallery. The resilient Plissons have risen from the ashes and launched a new website, so it’s back to business. I salute them and his colleagues. Here’s a link to the new site and by the way, Philip also publishes my work as well as the work of other artists.

Elephants and Shadows print by Steve Bloom, published by Philip Plisson

Elephants and Shadows print by Steve Bloom, published by Philip Plisson


Abuse of Circus Elephant.


Elephants as the should be. Don't let the sun set on Annie.

Elephants as they should be. Don't let the sun set on Anne.


Abuse chould NEVER be tolerated. I have written books about elephants and spent a lot of time with them, so I was deeply upset to see the video of arthritic circus elephant Anne being abused at the Bobby Roberts circus. I commend Animal Defenders for the way they have exposed the appalling treatment, and consequently Anne is being moved to Longleat.

Elephants are sentient, and suffer physical and emotional pain as we do. I may be stating the obvious, but it is easy to lose sight of the common threads that link us all, and denigrate our own humanity and dignity by violating the basic rights of others.

I wish Anne a peaceful retirement, but it’s a sad fact that the psychological wounds of abuse linger long after the physical beating stops.

Animal Defenders report and video.

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