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Gilbert and George use my work.

Gilbert and George copy or steal from Steve Bloom?

Gilbert and George copy or steal from Steve Bloom?

Gilbert and George copy or steal my work

‘Good artists copy. Great Artists steal’ – Pablo Picasso (allegedly)

Renowned artists Giblet and Gorge took thirteen postcards of my photograph of London’s Houses of Parliament at sunset and arranged them …on a piece of paper. I took the photograph more than a quarter of a century ago and it has since been sold millions of times on postcards at tourist outlets in London. I have not received royalties for this usage.

Giblet and Gorge bought thirteen of the cards, arranged them in a silly configuration, and advertised their ‘collage’ for sale through the White Cube Gallery, for about twenty thousand pounds. They called it ‘Pink and Blue’, a reference to my colour scheme. They say the postcards were arranged to show “an angulated version of the sign of urethra”.

The general argument put forward by the art community is that such works are derivative, found objects arranged to create a new meaning and therefore a new copyright exists in the name of the artist.

My view is that the artwork would have been a blank sheet of paper without my intellectual input and therefore is a breach of my copyright.

What is your view?