Here is the ultimate book on the elephant, as intimate a photographic journey into the animal kingdom as has ever been made. Steve Bloom looks straight into the eye of the elephant, delving deep into its psyche with his hauntingly beautiful images.

This joyous celebration includes photographs from the wildest outreaches of Botswana to the teeming cities of India. Above all, Steve Bloom’s quest is a forceful reminder that these much-persecuted animals, once found in nearly fifty countries, are similar to people in many ways: they have family structures, show loyalty and allegiance and show strongly individual personalities.

The stunning photographs include aerial shots from helicopters, the drama of battle between angry males, tender interaction between mothers and calves, the rich decorations of the elephants of India and astonishing shots of the elephant under water.

100+ photographs
224 pages
Thames & Hudson

Will help to cement still further his status as one of the world’s great documenters of nature
- Digital SLR User
Among the most amazing, amusing and unusual views you could find of these gentle giants
- Wildscape
An act of love
- Lufthansa Magazine