Living Africa

This magnificent book captures the essence of colour and cultures across Africa today. It is a personal journey through the length and breadth of the continent by one of the most brilliant photographers of the living world.

Steve Bloom achieves a breathtaking intimacy with this extraordinary continent in landscapes and wildlife from desert to jungle and human life from remote tribal village to teeming metropolis. See silverback mountain gorillas deep in the Congolese rainforest; endangered black rhino drinking at a moonlit waterhole; a wildebeest calf in the moments after its birth; and an impala in the dramatic instant of its death.

The people we encounter are inspirational too: Ndebele women running community workshops; Mozambican migrant workers toiling in a gold mine three kilometres below ground; pilgrims in the ancient rock-hewn churches of northern Ethiopia; and fishermen on the Niger River at dawn.

Bloom combines vivid personal experience with a passionate articulation of the environmental and other challenges faced by Africa in the twenty-first century. Everywhere is apparent his deep affection and affinity for the continent where he grew up, and to which he has felt compelled to return throughout his life.

236 photographs
336 pages
Thames & Hudson

Bloom is a master of photographic craft … [his] combination of emotional energy and intellectual rigour helps to shape some unforgettable images … Bloom has a genius for intimate, candid shots of wildlife
- Digital Camera
This is a salutary reminder of the Africa that exists beyond the bloody headline
- The Observer

Video of Steve Bloom working on Living Africa